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In 2012 the services of Janet Bishop (details at bottom of page) were employed to research the archives as the National Archives of Scotland for records related to Baile na Cille / Uig church. Janet’s notes are provided below (including references to documents with no mention to Uig church), although minor editing as been undertaken around any sensitive matters.

The Seaforth Muniments accessible below (click italic/underlined record references) are preproduced by the kind permission of Mr Andrew Matheson, Brahan.


The Church of Uig   

Documents in GD46, Seaforth Muniments

(placed in date order)

GD46/1/212 – 1765-1795 – Volume of Lewis Leases – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/1/213 – 1781-1795 – Volume of Lewis Leases – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/12/1 – 1785-1791 – Discharge of Minister’s stipends. Including; GD46/12/01/21GD46/12/01/22GD46/12/01/27A

GD46/6/23 – 1791 – Recruiting parties on Uig – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/4/232 – 1793 – Riots on Uig – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/1/274 – 9 September 1795 – Tack by Peter Fairbairn, commissioner for Francis Humberstone Mackenzie of Seaforth, to the Reverend Mr Hugh Munro, Minister of Uig, of the lands of Balnakyle and Timsgary …

GD46/1/283 – 1811 – Removal of Uig tenants – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/1/284 – 1812-1815 – Tack of Lands in the parish of Uig – No relevance to the study, the Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/1/285 – 1812 – Tack of Lands in the parish of Uig – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/1/144 – 1814-1828 – Seaforth Accounts – Factory Accounts Only

GD46/1/571 – Callernish 11 Oct 1828 – Letter by Alexander Stewart, factor in Lewis, to J A Stewart MacKenzie including outlays on the church and schoolhouse at Uig …

GD46/1/530 Bundles 1-3 (documents 1-65) only – 1828-1835 – Letters by Alexander Stewart, factor of Lewis, to J A Stewart Mackenzie of Seaforth and Mrs Stewart Mackenzie. Mostly about shipping, leases and family matters. Including; GD46/1/530/23 UFP; GD46/1/530/59 UFP; GD46/1/530/05GD46/1/530/34

GD46/1/337 – 1 Nov 1830 – Ordinary Receipts and Expenditures of the parishes of Lochs, Uig and Barvas belonging to J A Stewart MacKenzie of Seaforth Esquire for the 3 years preceding 1 November 1830. The document is not broken down into individual parishes but only provides overall figures for all three parishes

GD46/1/315 – 1833 – Repairs to farmhouse at Skaliscrow – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/1/584 0 1 November 1833, 19 September 1835 – Remittances by Thomas Knox to Thomas Mansfield Esq, for the parishes of Stornoway, Lochs, Uig and Barvas. The document is not broken down into individual parishes but only provides overall figures for all three parishes

GD46/12/63 – 1834 – Letter by Alexander McLeod, minister of Uig, to J A Stewart Mackenzie of Seaforth MP, requesting him to present two petitions to the House of Commons from the parish of Uig for the abolition of church patronage and for better observance of the Sabbath. Although the covering letter has survived the petitions have not.

GD46/1/323 – 1836 – Rentals, and disposal of present occupiers – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/9/6 – 1837-1841 – Letters from Ceylon – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/12/45 – 1843 – Letter regarding the choice of a site for the new Free Church of “Uii” – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned

GD46/12/48 – 1844, 1848 – Letters concerning the Free Church – Church of Uig not specifically mentioned


Presbytery Records, Lewis

CH2/473/2/1 et seq

CH2/473/2/9 – 1820, November 28th – Appointment of Mr Kenneth Chisholm as Schoolmaster at the Parochial School of Uig “which had been vacant for some time”

CH2/473/2/13 – 1821, May 22nd – Presbytery Meeting at Tong “The Revd Hugh Munro, Minister of Uig, was unavoidably absent”

CH2/473/2/23 – 1822, April 24th – Ordination of “Mr Alexander Simson, Preacher of the Gospel, in order to render his ministerial labours more extensively useful as Assistant to Mr Munro, Minister of this parish”

Record: CH2/473/2/23

CH2/473/2/27 – 1823, December 3rd – “A Royal Presentation to the vacant Parish of Uig in favour of the Revd Alexander Macleod minister of the Gaelic Chapel at Cromarty …”

Record: CH2/473/2/27

CH2/473/2/29 – 1824, April 21st – The Revd Mr Alexander Macleod preached and was unanimously approved by the congregation

Record: CH2/473/2/29

CH2/473/2/37-48 – 1826, January 18th – “… The petition of the Revd Alexander Macleod, Minister of Uig, Humbly Sheweth that the petitioner was inducted and settled as Minister of the Parish of Uig about two years ago and that hitherto he and his parishioners have laboured under the greatest inconvenience for want of church accommodation wherefore it became unavoidable on the part of your petitioner to preach in the open air during the Summer and Winter Sabbaths of said period to the danger of his own health and that of his people …”

1826, March 1st – Consideration of Revd Mr Macleod’s petition relative to the glebe of the parish of Uig

Record: CH2/473/2/37-48

CH2/473/2/53 – 1827, March 28th – Mr Alexander MacLeod, and other Ministers, chosen Commissioners to the General Assembly

Record: CH2/473/2/53

CH2/473/2/133 – 1833, August 5th – The Minister of Uig, Mr Alexander MacLeod, proposed Donald MacRae and John Finlayson for examination by the Presbytery preparatory to being admitted to the Hall as Students of Divinity

CH2/473/2/178 – 1841, Nov 24th – Mr Alexander McColl examined and appointed as schoolmaster of the Parish of Uig

CH2/473/2/190 – 1843, August 8th – “ … The Presbytery resolved to declare all the parishes Vacant of which the Minister had seceded from the Establishment as soon as they can perform that duty …”

Record: CH2/473/2/190

 CH2/473/2/199 – 1844, July 11th – John Bethune lodged a Crown Presentation to the Church and Parish of Uig together with his letter of acceptance & a Certificate of his having qualified to Government. The Clerk therefore requested of him to call a mutiny pro re nata to consider the said presentation

Record: CH2/473/2/199

John Bethune’s presentation was rejected

Record: CH2/473/2/202

CH2/473/2/208-210 – 1845, February 4th – Mr David Watson was invited to become Minister of the Parish of Uig

Record: CH2/473/2/208-210

CH2/473/2/212-216 – 1845, March 4th – “… access cannot be got to the Church of Uig …”

Record: CH2/473/2/212-216

CH2/473/2/240 – 1848, August 29th – Mr George Morrison, Interim teacher at the Parochial School of Uig, was “elected to be their schoolmaster of that parish”

CH2/473/2/294 – 1852, March 31st – The health of the Minister of Uig “often interferes with the regular discharge of [his] duties”

CH2/473/2/354 – 1856, [November ?] – A petition in favour of the Revd Roderick Nicholson … “to the Church and Parish of Uig vacant by the death of the Revd David Watson… “

Record: CH2/473/2/354


1857, February 10th – Revd Roderick Nicholson renounced his presentation

1857, March 4th – Presentation to the Church and Parish of Uig from the Crown in favour of Revd James Gunn of Cross

Record: CH2/473/2/356-358


Presbytery Records, Lewis – CH2/473/3/1 et seq

 CH2/473/3/14 – 1833, September 27th – Peter MacLean elected schoolmaster of Uig

Record: CH2/473/3/14


Presbytery Records, Lewis – CH2/473/4/1 et seq

CH2/473/4/27 – 1859, February 3rd – “… the Parish of Uig having become vacant by the death of the late Rev James Gunn, the Queen, as Patron, had been pleased to grant a presentation in favour of the Revd Rod. Fraser, Minister of Cross, to supply the said vacancy”

Record: CH22/473/4/27

CH2/473/4/39 – 1859, June 29th – Donald Fraser elected as schoolmaster of Uig

CH2/473/4/101 – 1863, March 26th – Report of Collections

Record: CH2/473/4/101

CH2/473/4/133 – 1868, March 25th – Mentions of the Minister’s problems in finding a suitable teacher for the Parochial School of Uig

Record: CH2/473/4/133

CH2/473/4/159, 163, 171-183, 195-197 – 1871, February 14th and for at least the ensuing year. [Circumstances] about the Minister of Uig, Mr Roderick Fraser. He later went on to claim leave of absence

Record: CH2/473/4/159, 163, 171-183, 195-197

Mr Fraser then went on to produce a medical certificate describing his illness as “irritative dyspepsia”. Services at Uig were conducted by visiting ministers, but no suitable applications were received from prospective Assistant Ministers



1873, April 16th

Draft Libel against Mr Roderick Fraser, Minister of Uig

Record: CH2/473/4/207-213

There then followed several adjournments of the case against Roderick Fraser.

 The rest of the case against him is noted as being entered on a separate record

SC33/17/1874/32, The Presbytery of Lewis vs Reverend Roderick Fraser, 1874

Stornoway Sheriff Court.



1874, April 23rd

There were several appeals and petitions in the case of the Revd Roderick Fraser, Minister of Uig, copies of which were laid before the Presbytery.



1874, July 10th

Roderick Fraser and his solicitor appeared before the Presbytery, but the witnesses failed to appear and the case was adjourned

Record: CH2/473/4/243-249

There were several appeals during the period in which the case was appearing before the Presbytery.



1875, April 2nd

A judgement was given by the Presbytery in the case of Mr Roderick Fraser, but his agent then made an appeal to the General Assembly

Record: CH2/473/4/265-267



1875, June 9th

Roderick Fraser was deposed as Minister of Uig

Record: CH2/463/4/267 (as above)



1875, June 9th

The Church of Uig was declared vacant

1875, July 21st

“Mr Campbell reported that when he was at Uig, under orders from the General Assembly, he found the church in a shamefully dilapidated condition, and the manse and offices sadly out of repair …”

The Presbytery communicated with Sir James Mathieson, sole heritor of the parish of Uig, … to express the hope of the Presbytery that Sir James will see it to be his duty to take himself the initiative in deciding to have the necessary repairs to the ecclesiastical buildings effected with the least possible delay …”

The Presbytery also discussed the terms of filling the vacancy in the church of Uig

Record: CH2/473/4/269



1875 April 10th

The Presbytery had received no response from the heritor

Record: CH2/473/273



1875, September 28th

Letter from the Factor regarding repairs to the church and manse of Uig

Record: CH2/473/4/277 



1875, December 17th

Memorial from Uig in favour of Mr Angus McIver as Minister

The call was made to Mr McIver on 29th December 1875

Record: CH2/473/4/283=285



1876, January 11th

Installation of Mr Angus McIver as Minister of Uig

Report on Uig Church

Record: CH2/473/4/287 



1876, March 29th

Mentions of the glebe of Uig

Record: CH2/473/4/289 



1876, June 21st

Site chosen for a church on the Island of Bernera in the parish of Uig, the Minister of Uig to visit and report



1883, March 28th

“The Records of the Kirk Session and the Communion Roll of the parish of Uig were examined and attested




Table of Returns on Presbyterial  Superintendence for year 1885

Included Uig

Record: CH2/473/4/409 CH2/473/4/409




Table of Returns on Presbyterial  Superintendence for year 1886

Included Uig

Record: CH2/473/4/422 



1887, November 30th

Mentions of the Mission at Islavaig in the parish of Uig, and The Revd Angus McIver’s comments on its usefulness, and the necessity of repairs to the Mission House

Record: CH2/473/4/441



1888, March 28th

The Minister of Uig stated his desire to let out his glebe

Record: CH2/473/4/444



1889, August 14th

Tendering of resignation of Revd Angus McIver as Minister of Uig

Record: CH2/474/4/469



1889, April 11th

Feelings of the Uig Congregation re their Minister’s resignation

Record: CH2/473/4/471 



1890, Sept 22nd

Admission of Mr MacPhail as Minister of UIg

Record: CH2/473/4/479 



1890, May 9th

Brenish and Isalvaig identified as “an outlying district in the parish of Uig at a distance of eight miles from the church”. There were 278 parishioners in these townships



1890, November 26th

The glebe of Uig, “of little of no value to the minister” was let at a rent of £40 a year



1893, March 29th

Requirement for part of the land of the Uig glebe for a road.

Record: CH2/473/4/521-525





1900, 27th June

Discussions were still going on regarding the construction of the road through the glebe of Uiog



1901, April 10th

Petition from the Kirk Session of Uig regarding the use of music in church services

Record: CH2/473/5/87

 The disputes about the use of music, and especially organs, in churches, continued, making references to Acts from as early as 1693



1904, 30th March

A communication from the General Assembly asked for approval of the new Gaelic Hymnal

“The Revd Mr MacPhail, Uig, moved disapproval of the Hymnal. …  The proposal for the new Gaelic Hymnal finding no seconder, Mr MacPhails motion became the finding of the meeting”

Record: CH2/473/5/109 

 Decision also taken to build a church and mission house at Braenish in the parish of Uig



1905, 16th August

Proposal to translate Mr John McPhail to Minister of Cross parish

Record: CH2/473/5/119-121



1905, August

Proposals and Replies for the enlargement of the burial ground at Balnakill

Record: CH2/473/5/121-123 



1906, August 10th

Intimation of the admission of Revd Allan MacKenzie as Minister of Uig

Record: CH2/473/5/122



1907, February 20th

The need for a road though the glebe of Uig was still being stressed by the ratepayers of Uig, who were offering to give a portion of the common pasture in exchange for the part of the glebe.

Permission was granted with various provisions

Record: CH2/473/5/145

 The Local Council, in the form of the Congested District Board, were not willing to allow any portion of their grant for the road to be used for fencing of roads

 The road was also to allow the people of Crowlista to get to and from the village with some measure of comfort



1912, November

The Rev Allan MacKenzie reported that the new church at Aird Uig had been opened free of debt…

Record: CH2/473/5/203 



1919, March 25th

The Parish of Uig had 9 Kirk Elders, 75 Communicants, and there were 5 baptisms in the parish during 1919



1919, June 25th

Mr Allan Mackenzie, Minister at Uig, was appointed to the parish of Rogart

Record: CH2/473/5/245

 A Committee was appointed to look after the interests of the Manse and Glebe of Uig

 The Church and Parish of Uig were declared vacant 10th August 1919


The Presbytery Records end at this point


Total Pages examined in each volume

CH2/473/1   118 pages

CH2/473/2   361 pages

CH2/473/3     15 pages

CH2/473/4   662 pages

CH2/473/5   252 pages

 Total                    1408 pages examined



Genealogist: Janet M Bishop, FSA Scot, ASGRA, Member of AGRA



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